My Toyota Truck

I first bought this truck new in July 1986 and used it as a daily driver until April of 2000.

Now it's just a fun Toy

It has gone through a few changes since then and will continue develop as time goes on.

 On the left is the truck a few years after I bought it and on the right is the truck today


Well the time has finally come to get rid of the IFS, and none to soon either as it was starting to come apart, most of the mounts were starting to crack and come apart. I had already torn both upper a-arms out of the frame, it was my 4th or 5th idler arm and the lower a-arm mount were starting to give. So here are a few pics of the progress.

ifsramp.jpg (64056 bytes) Here is a shot of the truck on Crash's ramp, the IFS doesn't flex much. When it is done I should be able to easily make it to the top of the ramp.
Frt no bumper.JPG (59020 bytes) I started by stripping off the front bumper.
Frt no fender.JPG (60140 bytes) Next came the front fenders, this shot shows where the snorkel runs up inside the fender.
No frt drivetrain.JPG (59848 bytes) After removing the fenders and bumper I stripped out all of the front drivetrain.
Downey xmember.JPG (60960 bytes) This is the Downey crossmember, once upon a time it was almost straight, it was starting to tear out of the rear lower a-arm mounts.
Rt Frame IFS.JPG (58404 bytes) Here is the IFS intact, but not for long.
Rt ifs brkts.JPG (60288 bytes) Here is a shot of the IFS brackets that have to be cut from the frame
Rt side almost done.JPG (62660 bytes) Here is the right frame rail after most of the brackets have been cut off
Left frame cleanedup.JPG (61144 bytes) Here is a shot of the left frame rail all cleaned up and ready for the motor mount to be boxed in and then painted
ltframedone.jpg (54904 bytes) Here is a shot of the left frame rail with the motor mount boxed in and painted. The right side will get the same.
  Next the front crossmember will get installed and then I will figure out the shackle tube placement, then finish fabbing the crossover steering arm, drag link and tie rod, then build a ramp to figure out shock tower placement.